At CRAVEAT, we are always on the lookout for new people to join our team as we believe in the concept of “more the merrier”. Individuals from various backgrounds, cultures and places always bring a fresh perspective to the team and our mission. This is what we have in mind when we say “we build a team with dynamic synergy and celebrate our differences along the way”.

Here, your voice is heard, and your input is welcome. We foster a collaborative working environment by being supportive, creative and fast thinkers problem solvers. Each and everyone of you are relevant and respected. That’s why our employees are the epitome of our success so together, let’s elevate our ideas and add value to those around us.

Everything we do is instilled with an air of professionalism, innovation, personal growth and fun, if these are the values you’re looking for, then apply right away.

Creatively Stimulating Culture

A space where your imagination and creativity is not compromised nor is it limited. Start actualizing your ideas with like-minded and distinct minds.


Work in a humble and non-discriminatory manner where conscious efforts are made to create, maintain and ensure a fair and equitable environment for everyone.

Ambition and Advance

You will be working with local and international partners and investors that would contribute to professional and personal development

Time Off for a Holiday

Vacation benefits that would allow you a considerable amount of time away from work each year to explore new places and indulge in new adventures.

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